Shelter Festival-Laboratory
Shelter Festival-Laboratory 2019 opens a call for video/ sound art, performing art, installation art, music,
and artistic research.
Submissions are closed on April 15
(23:59 CET)
Are you an artist, activist, educator, musician in the Helsinki area or beyond (Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Baltic Countries, Russia, etc.)? The Suoja/Shelter festival invites participants to propose projects the 2019 Shelter Festival: Cosmopolitics, Comradeship, and the Commons, a three-day convening for all those working at the intersection of deep ecology, climate resilience, environmental philosophy, ecofeminism, and socially engaged practice.

Proposals could take the form of media art, site-specific installations, performance art, and education, and should reflect on the themes of the 2019 Suoja/Shelter Festival (
Curatorial statement). We encourage proposals that engage creatively and intersectionally with climate migration, gentrification, and tightening borders; forms of queer ecological activism and coalitions that oppose heteronormative agendas and address displacement, violence, food injustice, among others; mapping the ecology of education, from the point of view of recent theories and practices that propose the decolonization of knowledge, as well as that of land, air, and water.

If you are interested in planning to bring into focus pressing issues within your artistic practice and communities, please submit a proposal for review by April 15 via the form below.

Proposal letter must match the conceptual direction and envision of a proposed topic and take into account the peculiarities of the venue. Extra consideration will be given to disarming creativity and irrestrainable experimentation.

A curator can be of any nationality and country of residence, but be aware of the cultural and political processes of Scandinavian countries, Russia, Baltic Region, and Eastern Europe. All proposed artists can be international.

Extra consideration will be given to ones in the beginning stages of their artistic careers.
3-days festival on the 7-9th of June 2019.

Venue of 600 m2 in a Cold War bomb-shelter, in the center of Helsinki, technically equipped (see the full rider).

A modest fee.

Realistic production budget.

One night accommodation in Helsinki.

Assistance in the application for the travel grants.

Press materials and PR support.
The Open Call is judged in two stages. The shortlist selection will be made by April 22. After the first selections, the applicants will be contacted for further clarification. The final selection will be made by May 10.
1. A proposal letter

a. Should contain a conceptual direction and envision of a proposed topic. This edition it is formulated as: Cosmopolitics, Comradeship, and the Commons: Ecology in Action for a Shared Planet.
b. Should focus at the intersection of deep ecology, climate resilience, environmental philosophy, ecofeminism, and socially engaged practice.
c. Must be no longer than 200 words.

2. Artist's CV (PDF, 2 pages maximum).

3. Artist's portfolio of realized projects (PDF, 10 pages maximum, 5MB).

4. A full presentation of a proposal with illustrations, drafts, sketches, links, etc.
(PDF, 10 pages maximum, 5MB).

- IMAGES: artwork title, year, medium, dimensions, additional description.

- VIDEO/AUDIO: please provide URL links for video and time-based work. Vimeo is better for video. Soundcloud is preferred for the audio
+ password, artwork title, year, duration, additional description.
Application deadline: April 15, 2019
(23:59 CET)
Suoja/ Shelter is a 3-day international annual festival-laboratory, which is held in the bomb-shelter in the center of Helsinki. We invite artists, performers, musicians, educators to comprehend the "shelter" in all its hypostases, forms and manifestations. Shelter as a refuge from the threat and shelter as an indicator of the existence of a threat. Shelter as an underground for marginal or as a privilege for the elite. Shelter as a transfer point, compelled communal living, a model of society in miniature, a safe space for the gathering of like-minded people. Shelter as a burrow, shelter as a den, shelter as the last asylum, shelter as a new beginning. Located within the global rock of the capitalist world, the shelter is represented in the present while at the same time is hidden from it. Therefore, it is from within the shelter that we can overcome the rhetoric of the "Cold War" and the creative logic of cognitive capitalism by imagining a world of new affects, new tenderness, sensitivity, and non-toxic communication.
Venue details
Basic info

  • total venue size approx. 600 m2
  • 4 x walls (2,2 x 2,2 m) with wheels. 4 kpl 2m x 2,2 m
  • 3x 16 A fuse
  • n. 30-40 pieces of chairs
  • 4 tables
  • refrigerator, coffeemaker, waterboiler, kitchenware
  • 2 toilets
  • basic woodworking tools
  • 2 kpl ladders
  • carpets
  • PA: Coda Audio D-Corez2.7
    + 2x Coda Audio AP8 active monitors
  • mixer Soundcraft MFXi 12 (12 mic/line in, 2x stereo line in, 2x Aux out, 2x Sub Out)
  • mics: 3x SM58 + ständit
  • 3x stereo DI-box
  • 6 x Laser Imagineering Frisbee
  • 6 x Art Lighting Fresnel 500w
  • Chamsys Magic Q PC-wing Compact + PC laptop
  • n. 40 m DMX-cable
  • schuko approx. 100 m
  • 1 x Botex DPX-620 III – 6-channel dimmer pack
  • projector: PANASONIC pT DW6300E
  • vga, dvi-i, hdmi cables and adapters
NB: there is no cell coverage in the shelter, and the Internet connection
is not very stable.
Equipment on demand: projectors, monitors, speakers, microphones, cables, light
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